When to choose a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

What is a ‘hospital-grade breast pump?’

Hospital-grade breast pumps are breast pumps that are used in a hospital setting.  They have strong motors that mimic your baby’s natural stimulation and removal of milk. These breast pumps work using a “closed-system.” This means they have barriers in place to prevent milk and other fluids from entering the motor. This reduces contamination and makes them safe for multiple users. However, when using a hospital-grade breast pump, each mother will require her own personal accessory kit for hygiene reasons. 

What situations require a ‘hospital-grade breast pump?’

Midwives or Lactation Consultants may recommend a hospital-grade breast pump for many reasons. The most common is to help the mother to establish and maintain a good milk supply. If a baby is born premature, has health issues, mouth or upper digestive tract abnormalities, or must spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a hospital-grade breast pump helps stimulate the milk to ‘come in,’ even if the start of breastfeeding is delayed. Other reasons these powerful pumps might be recommended are for mothers with twins, those who have difficulty producing milk or those who require longer term pumping, once home from hospital, to maintain milk supply or to pump extra for baby’s needs.


image. frozen breast milk stored in transparent food grade bags.


What are the benefits?

  1. Effectiveness. Hospital-grade pumps are stronger and more effective than many personal-use pumps. This added strength is required for mothers in the first six weeks, or so, while lactation is establishing. Once milk supply is fully established and the need for regular daily pumping has passed, a personal pump could then be substituted.
  1. Efficiency. Because of the powerful motor, they are more efficient. This means shorter pumping sessions, which is beneficial for mothers who need to pump often or who want to store a large quantity of milk.
  1. Great for exclusively pumping. Sometimes a mother may need to exclusively pump milk for her baby. She may have medical issues that require a high-powered pump, or a baby that has difficulty latching and suckling. A hospital-grade breast pump helps build a good milk supply when a baby can’t regularly empty the breasts to stimulate and maintain milk production.


'You and Baby' stock hospital grade pumps: Unimom ‘Forte’ and ‘Minuet.’ Medela pumps can also be sourced.

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