Three important ways to prepare for birth.

Here are three interconnected ways you can prepare your body and mind for birth.

1 Nurture your emotional and mental Wellbeing.

One of the most valuable techniques you can learn during pregnancy is how to relax and be calm. Relaxation helps to relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress. 

The unconscious mind absorbs and retains thousands of messages, both useful and not-so-useful.  The latter can increase your feelings of anxiety and cause tension in your physical body that can lead to or intensify physical disorders. Anxiety and fear can affect the start of labour and its progress due to stress causing hormonal imbalances.

Some ways to improve relaxation:

  • Switch off or limit social media and the news.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Deep, slow breathing.
  • Alleviate fears by being informed about labour, birth and caring for a newborn. Talk about and ask about any nagging concerns you have with Whanau/family, friends, and your Midwife/LMC, attend antenatal classes.
  • Nurture yourself, for example Acupuncture, pregnancy massage, meditation, take remedies such as Rescue Remedy, herbs, homoeopathy.


2 Nourish your body. 

The saying ‘you are what you eat,’ is profound. The fuel and energy you put into your body integrates with your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Your body is your baby’s home. Eating good, nourishing food will support you through pregnancy and ensure the healthy development of your baby’s bones, soft tissues, and brain. Your required vitamin and mineral intake increases vastly during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A varied, balanced diet containing protein, fat, plenty of fresh vegetables, and some carbohydrates can help you receive the nutrients needed. Your Midwife/LMC will talk to you in more detail about what to eat, what to avoid, and any additional supplements you may require.

Benefits of good food:

  • Moderates weight gain.
  • Reduces the chance of disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Increases energy and less brain fog.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Prepares your body’s tissues to have an efficient labour.
  • Good birth recovery
  • Assists with good milk supply. 

3 Keep physically active. 

Exercise is part of your integral wellness. While pregnant, staying active enhances health and wellbeing.   Research has shown staying physically fit can help your body ease through labour.

Exercise is easier with clean fuel from food, and it enhances your emotional health. Staying strong and fit in pregnancy supports your expanding tummy and eases aches and pains. It also improves the blood flow to baby, supplying oxygen and nutrients. Being outside will help you breathe fresh air and get Vitamin D.

You don’t need a strict regime or go to the gym. Here are some easy ways you can stay active: 

  • Gentle walking or swimming for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Gentle gardening, squatting or on hands and knees (these positions help your baby to get in a good position for birth).
  • Online yoga. Youtube has many options, here is a useful link.

Go steady, listen to your body and baby as you exercise. Check with your Midwife/LMC if you have any underlying conditions or if you have concerns about exercising.

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